खगोल तथा भू-मापन महाशाखा

Geodetic Survey Division was established in 25 September 1970 in the name of Trigonometrical Survey Branch. Trigonometrical Survey Branch was then engaged to establish triangulation network throughout the country. Later on, Trigonometrical survey Branch was renamed as Geodetic Survey Division with a view to encompass its various activities of Precise Leveling, Astronomy. Gravity and other Geodetic Survey work in the country. Geodetic Survey Division is now actively engaged in to producing geodetic, gravimetric and altimetric (height) data required for the preparation of maps and geo-information products including cadastral information of the country.

  • To establish and maintain higher order (first, second and third order) geodetic ground control network throughout the country.
  • To establish lower order ground control points and provide map sheets with ground control to prepare large-scale cadastral map of the country.
  • To establish and maintain leveling network in the country.
  • To establish and maintain gravity network and determine gravity anomaly of the country.
  • To promote the research works in the field of geodesy and astronomy in the country.
  • To archive the different types of ground control points data as well as other geodetic information products and provide services for Development Projects.

Geodetic Survey Branch has already completed the following works:

  • Establishment of 7 laplace points and 14 azimuth points distributed all over the country for the azimuth control of the Geodetic Network.
  • Establishment of high precision geodetic net of first order with 16 Doppler stations and 68 trigonometric points.
  • Establishment of the precise leveling bench marks of 3200 points along the high ways / roads (6430 km).
  • Establishment of 9 absolute and 1193 relative gravity points all over the country.
  • Extension of trigonometrical control in the remaining areas.
  • Fourth order horizontal control densification for cadastral survey (47 districts completed and work is in progress to complete the remaining districts of the country)
  • Establishment of a geodetic observatory at Nagarkot with Tower, astronomical observatory, base station for triangulation network, meteorological station and continuous GPS observation.
  • GPS observations of the geodetic stations for regional/local transformation parameter (WGS 84 to Everest 1830 and vice-versa.)
  • Precise leveling at Swayambhu, Gorkha Durbar and other places of historical importance to study the level displacements of those regions.

  • Theodolites (1cc, 2cc, 1c Precision)
  • Precise Level Instruments
  • EDMs
  • Dual frequency GPS receivers
  • GPS post processing software
  • Worden Gravimeter
  • Co-ordinatographs
  • Drum plotter
  • Other survey equipments

  • 1st order trig points Rs. 3000.00 / point
  • 2nd order trig points Rs. 2500.00 / point
  • 3rd order trig points Rs. 1500.00 / point
  • 4th order trig points Rs. 250.00 / point
  • 1st & 2nd order BM Rs. 1000.00 / point
  • Third order BM Rs. 250.00 / point
  • Gravity points Rs. 1000.00 / point

(* Decision of Government of Nepal, 2060/04/28)

Note : Geodetic Data are made available on request with voucher of Nepal Rastra Bank. ( A/C No. 1-1-12-20)


The Deputy Director General
Geodetic Survey Division
Min Bhawan, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No.: + 977 1 4106847
Fax: + 977 1 4622314
Email: geodetic@dos.gov.np